Discover the benefits of Aqualyx. Lipotherapy in Manchester

Discover the benefits of Aqualyx. Lipotherapy in Manchester

As we age, our bodies change. One of the most noticeable changes is the accumulation of fat in certain areas, like our belly, hips and thighs. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, these areas can be difficult to tone.

Fortunately, there's a nonsurgical solution that can help you achieve the slim, toned body you desire: Aqualyx lipotherapy.

What is Aqualyx lipotherapy?

Aqualyx is a safe and effective injectable treatment that breaks down fat cells in problem areas. The treatment is minimally invasive and requires no downtime, so you can get back to your busy life right away.

Aqualyx is an effective fat removal without a scalpel and  is currently the only substance registered for fat reduction using the intralipotherapy method. Unlike other substances used in aesthetic medicine so far, it has an official European registration for fat tissue injection treatments.

Another positive piece of information is that the mandatory injection technique - the intralipotherapy technique - is the safest and completely painless way to carry out this procedure.

It consists in injecting the affected area with a special needle - from only one or possibly two injection sites - i.e. during the procedure the patient is pricked with the needle maximum twice. This significantly reduces the risk of complications.

Who is the Aqualyx lipotherapy for?

Treatment with Aqualyx is addressed mainly to people who want to get rid of unwanted, excessive fatty tissue. It is a new, excellent and safer alternative to various types of liposuction. Thanks to its versatility it can be applied in many parts of the body such as arms, thighs, knees, neck, abdomen, back, face, breasts or buttocks.

The best effect is observed in patients with small and medium degree of overweight, with local excess of fat tissue, which cannot be eliminated by means of classic slimming methods (appropriate diet, regular physical exercises). In case of people with higher degree of overweight, the effects of a single treatment are not as spectacular and achieving an optimal result is more time-consuming as it requires repetitions.

The treatment can be applied to areas such as:

  • arms- around the triceps

  • back (below the ribs)

  • abdomen

  • hips

  • inside of thighs

  • inner side of the knees

  • double chin /modelling the contour of the jaw

  • gynaecomastia

Aqualyx lipotherapy is now available in our salon in Manchester

Most importantly, Aqualyx lipotherapy can give you the beautiful results you've been dreaming of. So if you're ready to say goodbye to your stubborn fat, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you decide if Aqualyx is right for you.