How can blood tests help you look after your health?

How can blood tests help you look after your health?

Regular blood tests are an important tool for staying on top of your health. They can provide valuable information about what's going on in your body, and can be used to detect potential issues early. Blood tests can also help you determine if any medications or treatments you're taking are working as intended.

What blood tests are worth taking prophylactically?

Even if you feel well and there is nothing wrong with you, it is worth having blood tests at least once a year. Which ones?

  • Full blood count (FBC) - is a common type of test that helps measure the amount of various types of cells in the blood. FBC can indicate whether there may be any underlying medical issues such as anemia or infection. In addition, the white blood cell picture may suggest inflammation, immune disorders, various blood and blood-forming diseases.

  • Cholesterol -  checking it regularly can help assess whether you are at risk for any heart-related issues and allow you to make changes to your diet or lifestyle if necessary to reduce that risk. 

  • Thyroid disease testing (TSH, FT3, FT4) - allows the detection of thyroid disorders resulting from over- or under-activity of the thyroid gland, as well as Hashimoto's disease or Graves' disease, which are autoimmune diseases.

  • Liver tests are biochemical blood tests to assess liver function and the activity of the enzymes it produces. On this basis, the activity of the liver status parameters is determined in the blood serum: ALT, AST, ALP, GGTP and total bilirubin. The tests are extremely useful for the accurate diagnosis of the liver and biliary tract.

  • CRP testing is used in medical diagnostics to determine whether inflammation is taking place in the patient's body. 

  • Ferritin - the testing of ferritin in human blood is widely used in the diagnosis of disorders related to problems associated with the proper absorption of iron, which is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

How can blood tests help me?

Overall, regular blood tests provide invaluable insight into what's going on in our bodies and can help us take steps to prevent and manage health conditions.They can provide valuable insights into your overall health and wellbeing. They are an important tool for detecting potential illnesses, monitoring existing medical conditions, and tracking the effectiveness of treatments. By evaluating a range of measurements from the body’s fluids (e.g. blood and urine) through laboratory analysis, doctors can gain insight into the functioning of organs, detect abnormalities, diagnose diseases, and monitor treatments.